OMS - Optimization of Mechanical Structures

Redesign of a Brake Anchor Plate throuhg Topology Optimization

by Dominik Schneider

with Hypermesh und Optistruct

Modelled Design Space:

Several load cases with different force application points were chosen for the topology optimization as the position of the brake disk in relation to the bake anchor plate is not exactly clear. Through this variation the impact of force application point position on the optimization result can be later on examined.

Load Case 1:

Load Case 2:

Load Case 3:

Results of the Topology Optimization:

During the optimization process many facturing restrictions and other model properties got varied. In the end of the process, the structure shown below emerged.

Comparison of the Original Component with the Obtained Results:

The optimization offes a great potential, as for example can:

  • Ca. 32% of the original weight can be safed (256g instead 380g)
  • The compliance can be reduced from 795 to 615

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