OMS - Optimization of Mechanical Structures

What are we doing?

On the one hand, “Optimization of Mechanical Structures” means an improvement of the properties through the optimization technique. On the other hand those optimization techniques can identify completely new concepts, which is extremely exciting.

The chair of “Optimization of Mechanical Structures” managed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Schumacher got established in of 2012 and is integrated within the faculty of mechanical engineering and safety engineering.

Here we explore methods concerning the shape optimization and the topology optimization for the lightweight structures. For this purpose, multidisciplinary approaches get pursued whereupon a distinctive expertise within the area of crash simulation exists. The focus is hereby on the consideration of the properties depending on the material (e.g. concerning fiber-reinforced composites) and taking into account the procedures to increase efficiency (reduction of the calculating times).

Improvement of the vehicle body for a/ in terms of a crash-loading condition (left bad, right better)

A bolt drives through an aluminum plate (finite element simulation).

Topology optimization for a chair frame (weight, stiffness, strength).

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