OMS - Optimization of Mechanical Structures

Winter Term

Lecture: Lightweight design

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ing. Axel Schumacher


The bases of the lightweight design and their interpretation tools are treated:

1. Possibilities of the lightweight design

1.1 Motivation and problem formulation

1.2 Image of topical lightweight design concepts

1.3 Lightweight construction helix

2. Lightweight design principles

2.1 Definition of the demands

2.2 Procedures for the load acceptances (missions)

2.3 Fundamental design rules

2.4 Valuation of the bionics

2.5 Fail safe, Safe-Life, Damage-Tolerance

2.6 Methodical conception

3. Materials and their special design rules

3.1 Material choice

3.2 Acquisition of material data

3.3 Steel, aluminium, magnesium, glazing

3.4 Fiber composite materials

3.5 Material mix and recycling

4. Structures of the lightweight design

4.1 Space frame structures

4.2 Shell structures (beads, ribs, …)

4.3 Combs, foams and inlays

4.4 Fiber composite and sandwich structures

4.5 Connecting technologies

5. Refined CAE methods for the lightweight design

5.1 Organizational measures

5.2 Integration of test an simulation

5.3 Integration of the manufacturing aspects

5.4 CAE construction sites

5.5 Robustness analyses

5.6 Optimization of the form and dimension

6. Case studies

6.1 Well-chosen vehicle components

6.2 Ultralight vehicle concepts

6.3 Medium-term vehicle concepts for the mass production


• Klein, B.: Leichtbaukonstruktionen – Berechnungs-grundlagen und Gestaltung, 8. Auflage, Vieweg-Verlag 2009

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