OMS - Optimization of Mechanical Structures

Winter Term

Lecture: Passive safety of vehicles

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ing. Axel Schumacher


• Passive safety – A stone in road safety

• Accident statistics

• Mechanical bases to the description of collision processes

- General description of shock processes

- Accelerations with the collision of two vehicles

- Structural load with the collision

- Stability problems

- Plasticity

• Methods of the numerical calculation of crash processes

- Crash simulation as a part of the vehicle simulation

- Finite element calculation with "explicit" methods

- Introduction to the crash-calculation program LS-DYNA

- Calculation examples

• Physical injuries with traffic accidents

- Anatomy and injury mechanisms

- Scaling of the injury gravity

- Protection criteria

• Test methods for the evaluation of the passive security

- Component tests, design of test dolls (dummies), sledge tests, whole vehicle tests

- Legal requirements

• Technical realization of the safety measures

- Structure (energy absorption elements,

car body)

- Security systems

- Pedestrian protection

- Sensory properties

- Postcrash



• Kramer, F.: Passive Sicherheit von Kraftfahrzeugen, Friedr. Vieweg & Sohn, 1998

• Schumacher, A.: Crashgerechte Karosserieentwick-lung, CARHS Seminar, Alzenau, 2013

• Malen, D.E.: Fundamentals of Automobile Body Structure Design, SAW International, 2011

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