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Research Themes:

  • Topology optimization of structures under using hole positioning criteria (Bubble method)
  • Dynamic of the flexible aircraft
  • Consideration of the scatterings of material behavior and manufacturing measurement in the structural optimization
  • Application of the mathematical optimization and the design of experiments for hardware tests (e.g., engine calibration)
  • Calculation at designers workplace
  • Use of parameterized CAD models for the structural optimization
  • Consideration of highly non-linear simulation calculations in the optimization (mainly crash)
  • Dynamic simulation and optimization of airplane passenger seats
  • Development and validation of industrially useful software tools for the simulation of the performance  of new materials in thermally and mechanically high loaded components
  • Methodical and software-technical realization of the topology optimization of crash-relevant vehicle structures

Here are a few pictures of typical applications from the research projects:



Notlandelastfall im Flugzeug (Vergleich Simulation und Versuch)
Finite Elemente Modell zur Berücksichtigung von Poren im Material
Vorhersage der Poren basierend auf einer Gießsituation (Anwendung an einer Bauteilprobe)
Verbesserung des Kraftverlaufs einer Deformationsstruktur durch Optimierung
Optimaler Schweller in einem einfachen Pfahlaufprall-Lastfall